Check out our 1st Intellectual output: Curriculum on forest based bioeconomy

We are happy to announce that our first Intellectual output is out. Partners from Austria, Croatia and Slovenia collaboratively developed this new and unique educational program on forest based bioeconomy. Forest based bioeconomy is an emerging paradigm on the EU level and links the whole forest value chain from management and use of forest resources in a sustainable manner to the delivery of products and services. It can be defined as a production of renewable resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products.

However, forest based bioeconomy is not sufficiently present in vocational education and trainings (VET). Therefore this curriculum is tailor made for forest owners, forest high school pupils and forestry engineers, but also for other interested adult learners. It is available in English, German, Slovenian and Croatian languages.

Within the next months partners will start to work on the e-learning course on the same topic and its content will be based on this curriculum.

Enjoy our work!

Curriculum on forest-based bioeconomy_VET4BioECONOMY.pdf

Curriculum für forstbasierte Bioökonomie_VET4BioECONOMY.pdf

Izobraževalni program o bioekonomiji v gozdarstvu_VET4BioECONOMY.pdf

Kurikulum za bioekonomiju zasnovanu na šumama_VET4BioECONOMY.pdf