Future filmmakers in the production of the VET4BioECONOMY

Last week the project partners took part in the multimedia production workshop in Zagreb.  The two-day event, from 21-22/11/2019, gathered altogether 12 participants from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. This interactive event was orginized by the ALGEBRA University College and led by Zoran Jančić, who is an e-learning expert.
During the first day of the workshop participants were learning how to use and produce in the e-learning platform-Moodle, while the second day was oriented towards multimedia production, video recording and editing in Screencast-o-matic and other tools such as H5P. This tools will be used in the upcoming period for a production of multimedia learning materials for our future e-learning course on forest-based bioeconomy. Also, the they had an opportunity to produce their own material, as a result one video about the project was done.

Photos by: Zoran Jančić, Ivana Živojinović, Karolina Horvatinčić, Marta Curman