Showing the curriculum to the world

Croatian Forest Research Institute used an opportunity to disseminate the first intellectual output of the project to an international and domestic audience.

In November the coordinator presented the poster about the Curriculum on forest-based bioeconomy to the partners of the EFI Network Fund project PerForm. The conference ‘Bioeconomy and European Forests’ was held from 14-15/11/2019 in Bordeaux (France). The PerForm project aims to better understand regional disparities of national bioeconomy policies and the perceptions of a forest-based bioeconomy. At the meeting participated more than 20 partners and stakeholders from Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Finland, Itlay and Russia.


The second presentation of the Curriculum was held during the event of the Horizon2020 INCREdible project. The international workshop on aromatical herbs ‘Certifikacija, sljedivost i prilagodba legislative’ was held in Varaždin (Croatia) from 11-12/12/2019. The project was presented to the stakeholders of the INCREdible project – experts on non-wood forest products, policy makers, producers of the added value non-wood forest products and scientists.  

In the upcoming period we are planing to disseminate our results to the project target groups.